Submit Your Entry

The national program for 2017 is closed.
The regional program call for entries will open August 18, 2017.

Bookmark this page to access the link that will take you to the online
entry portal where you can create an account, upload and complete your entry.

Ready to begin your entry?

Although the entry portal is not open, you can begin to prepare your submission. Below you will find a few resources that will get you started and maximize your chances of getting nominated.

Here are a few critical mistakes to avoid when entering.

  • Do not embed images into a document unless you can keep the doc file size very low. Otherwise, the server will reject it.
  • Name your attachments correctly: Company Name – Award Category – Event Name. If you do not put your name and category in the file name we cannot sort it.
  • Be sure to include the summary of 100 words. This will be published. Be sure it sums up your event the way you want the public to read it.
  • Choose images about the event category. It is important judges can see the amazing work you have done. It’s great if you love the wedding dress the bride wore but that says nothing about the event design and will not support your scoring. Make sure you choose the right pictures.
  • Try to avoid the last-minute rush… it helps our server out

You may enter as many times as you like with a unique entry for each award you are applying for. Good luck and please feel free to call us if you need any assistance.


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