Regionals: Submit Your Entry


Ready to Begin Your Regional Event Awards Entry?

Use the form below to enter your events. You will need to submit a new form for every submission.

Please complete all the fields, before you hit submit. You will not be able to come back to the form once you submit the entry. If you make a mistake and hit submit in error, simply begin again and we will delete the duplicate entry.

Once you have completed filling in your data, use the upload button to add your files. Please upload ONLY JPEG images that are under 2 MB each and Word doc/PDF files. If you want to include a video, do NOT upload it, just add the link in the video link field.

When you have finished the entry, please click the SUBMIT button. You will be redirected to the payment page.
Please ensure you complete the payment process to ensure your entry is submitted. 
If you want to enter again, simply start a new entry,

If you have any questions or need technical support, please email us at

Good luck and thank you for entering.

The entry period for the 2017 Regional Event Awards has now closed. if you missed the deadline for specific reasons, please call our office to request an extension exception. No entries can be accepted after Dec 1 for any reason as judging will have already begun.