NATIONALS – Rules & Guidelines

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All Entries Must Include:

  • Objective Statement (300 words)
  • Event description and related category criteria as outlined in the category requirements (Maximum 1000 words)
  • Agreement to enter /reference letter from client or supervisor
  • Budget (if applicable)
  • Marketing materials/charts/drawings/artwork/any extra documentation 
  • 100-word summary: A 100-word summary of the event must be included on the last page of your entry.
  • Images (CANNOT be over 2 MB each. You may embed images in PDF but document size cannot exceed 20 MB and you still must submit MIN 5 – MAX 10 JPEG images).
  • Video (if applicable)


  • The 2018 CEIA entries must be received by midnight on February 3, 2019, to qualify for the early bird entry.
  • Late entries will be accepted until February 10, 2019, at midnight EST.


  • All winners from the Regional Awards will advance directly to the nationals as an ENTRANT, not a finalist, as long as the category is available in the national awards program. Not all National categories will duplicate. No re-entry is required for winners, however, IF a company enters a category regionally and is not declared the winner, they can still enter the nationals and this is encouraged because the competition will have different competitors
  • Entry into the regionals is NOT REQUIRED as a precursor to entering the national awards competition
  • All entries must have taken place between January 1, 2018, and December 31, 2018
  • A separate entry must be submitted for each entry
  • All entries judged by dollar value must include a detailed budget. All budgets must be in retail pricing (the total amount the client was billed).
  • The full amount of all entry fees for each entrant listed must accompany your entry package. 
  • Budgets are not displayed and are kept confidential
  • Judges decisions are final
  • It is the responsibility of the nominees to cover any cost related to attending the awards.
  • There is no limit to the amount of work that can be submitted by a single entity and submissions may be entered into multiple categories for additional entry fees.
  • No advance notice of winners will be provided under any circumstances
  • Trophies will be pre-engraved for the event and each nominee will be asked to approve typography prior by March 11, 2019.


  • Entry fees are $85.00 per entrant for early bird for each company listed on the entry form. Each additional entrant, be it individual or company, listed on the entry form is $85.00. 
  • Entries received after February 3, 2018 are charged $125 per entrant for each company listed on the entry form. Each additional entrant, be it individual or company, listed on the entry is $125.00. 
  • Visa,  MC or Amex payments or PayPal are accepted through our online system. Cheques will not be accepted for entry fees.

Critical & Common Mistakes To  Avoid 

  • DO NOT embed images into a document unless you can keep the doc file size very low. Otherwise, the server will reject it.
  • Name your attachments correctly: Company Name – Award Category – Event Name. If you avoid using your name and category in the file name we cannot sort it.
  • Ensure you include the summary of 100 words. This will be published. Be sure it sums up your event the way you want the public to read it.
  • Choose images from the event category. It is important judges can see the amazing work you have done. It’s great if you love the wedding dress the bride wore but that says nothing about the event theme or design. Make sure you choose the right pictures.
  • Try to avoid the last-minute rush… it helps our server out. 

NOTE: Entries become the property of Canadian Special Events Media Group and may be published in Canadian Special Events, EventTech Canada and EventSpace Canada publications or their associated websites. Unless otherwise instructed, event images and a copy may be used to promote the Industry Event Awards. All budgets and client details will remain confidential.