Lara McCulloch, ready2spark

Lara McCulloch, ready2spark

A renowned, results-driven marketing expert with over 20 years as a Brand Consultant for multinationals like Cadbury-Adams, Unilever and Shell, Lara brings ‘Big Brand Thinking’ to small business.

Her consulting firm is focused on building growth, reputation and evangelism for companies around the world. She’s been touted as a pioneering force in the marketing revolution, founding one of the world’s first twitter communities and featured in Tim O’Reilly’s The Twitter Book and producing the New & Noteworthy Start Some Shift podcast. She’s travelled throughout the world as a keynote speaker and workshop facilitator, changing the way that companies think about their brands.

The culmination of Lara’s passion and experience has heralded leadership posts on numerous industry Advisory Boards, a monthly column for an international magazine and recognition with National Awards for dedication, spirit and leadership. She was named Top 40 under 40 by Ignite and Rejuvenate Magazines, honored with the Spirit of the Industry award by CEI and was esteemed with the title of Industry Innovator by BizBash Magazine.

She graduated from Ivy Business School’s Executive Program, but it’s the title of Mom that brings her the most pride. When she’s not building lego with her son, she’s been known to board down active volcanoes, spelunk 16 stories underground, bungee jump over a rainforest, swim with sharks and jump from a plane at 15,000 feet.

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